Always a physical and mental challenge which I love as well as great coaches and people to work out with! My stress reliever while gaining strength and improving my overall health!
Christina Herzing
I am physically stronger and feel better since joining AK HIIT. My bone health has actually improved also. The trainers are personable and willing to make modifications when necessary.
Carleen D.
AK HIIT is amazing! Derek and Abby go out of their way to make you feel comfortable; but also push you to do things you never thought were possible!
Lisa W.
I have become stronger and able to do things I never would have tried before! It's a great way to make relationships and get in shape at the same time! And most of my cellulite is gone!! Lol
Blood pressure stays more consistent and within desirable levels. I just feel better, not to mention stronger, which is important when I go into the classroom with these young people.
Frank N
I was very scared when I went to my first AK HIIT class. I was totally out of my comfort zone and thought I would hate it. Turns out, I’m addicted to HIIT with Derek and Abby teaching a fun and energetic class. So glad I stepped out of my comfort zone!
Liz B
I love working out at AK HIIT! The workout classes are AWESOME! They are customized to all fitness levels and are constantly varied. I love how the classes are a different style and format each time! Abby and Derek are very knowledgeable and positive trainers!
Hannah B
I love the feeling of belonging to something that challenges me. I may not be the best in the room but I am the best me. And that is pretty great!
Shelle jacobs
Just knowing that I have improved from the beginning and I am healthier. Also having the companionship of the group.
Janice Wieberg
I am able to realize what I am truly capable of when I’m at the gym.
Amy K.
Being pushed to not give up and giving it my all, all the time, leading up to proving my bodies true strength and pushing it as far as it will go, leading up to not one, but three State Power-Lifting records with AK-HIIT as the representing name because without them, I couldn’t of done it.
Ashley S
In a months time I shaved 1:15 seconds off my fit test. Derek and Abby make me a better every single class. Great workouts, great atmosphere and even better people!
Derek Holtmeyer
Rich Fountain
Love the variety of the workouts and the way the Havens team pushes us to be stronger better versions of ourselves! Definitely best place around!!!
Stacey D
I love working out at AK HIIT! The workouts are always different and we are always learning new things. Abby and Derek are great trainers. They make workouts challenging and fun.
Lynne B

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